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May 14, 2021
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Would you like to improve the appearance of unattractive teeth or repair a damaged tooth? Dental crowns, one of the dental services and treatments provided by your Hillsborough, NJ, family dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental, may be the perfect option for you.

Crown basics

Dental crowns, also called caps, are placed over the tops of teeth and become a permanent part of your smile. Your first crown visit in the Hillsborough, NJ, dental office includes an impression of your mouth and the reduction of your tooth. Decreasing the size of your tooth ensures that your new crown fits perfectly. After your tooth is reduced in size, you'll wear a temporary crown until the dental laboratory completes your new crown.

Crowns protect fragile teeth

Your dentist may recommend a crown if your tooth has become weaker due to a crack, aging, or a dental procedure. Crowns strengthen fragile teeth and absorb strong biting forces that could cause breaks in an unprotected tooth.

Have a broken tooth? A crown will restore its appearance and function

If your tooth has already broken or fractured, a crown will repair it. Crowns not only improve the way your tooth looks, but restore the biting and chewing surfaces, and end the pain that can occur when the broken edges of teeth are exposed to the air.

Crowns improve tooth appearance

When an appearance issue is a problem with your smile, a crown may offer the perfect solution. Do you have a discolored tooth? Although teeth whitening can be a solution for some types of tooth stains, whitening gel only penetrates your tooth enamel. If the stain or discoloration originates in the deeper layers of the tooth, a crown will be needed. Crowns can also lengthen short teeth or change the shape of crooked, twisted, or pointed teeth.

Crowns also replace missing teeth

If you've lost one or two teeth, your dentist may recommend filling the gap with a dental bridge. Bridges are made up of artificial teeth connected to dental crowns. Crowns are also used with dental implants. Titanium posts called implants bond to your jawbone and are connected to dental crowns.

Enhance your smile with dental crowns! Call Towne Center Family Dental at (908) 874-4555 to schedule an appointment with your family dentists in Hillsborough, NJ.

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February 16, 2021
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How dental implants from your dentists in Hillsborough, NJ, can restore your smile

If you need tooth replacement, you want a long term solution, and that’s dental implants! Unlike other forms of tooth replacement, dental implants are fixed in place, and will never move around. They offer both the beauty and function of having your natural teeth.

The dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, offer a full menu of dental services, including dental implants to restore your smile.

Dental implants are the best long term solution to give you back your smile because they offer so many amazing benefits. Consider that dental implants:

Look completely natural, just like your natural teeth; the dental implant crown is made of light-reflective materials that look just like natural tooth enamel. After they are placed, dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Offer complete stability, just like natural teeth; dental implants are fully surrounded by bone, so they are fixed in place. They will never move around and become a permanent addition to your smile.

Can be easily maintained, because you simply brush and floss them, just like your natural teeth. The easy maintenance of dental implants makes it a snap to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

Dental implants are truly long term tooth replacement because they will never decay. Plus, the dental crown material is stain resistant, so your dental implants will stay dazzling for decades.

Dental implants offer the versatility of being able to replace one missing tooth with a single implant, several missing teeth with an implant-supported bridge, or an entire arch of teeth with an implant-supported denture.

Dental implants also offer an amazing success rate of over 95 percent, making them the most successful surgical implant, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

To find out more about why dental implants are the best long term solution to give you back your smile, call the dentists of Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, at (908) 874-4555. Call today!

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February 16, 2021
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How Invisalign treatment from your dentists in Hillsborough, NJ, can straighten your smile easily and quickly

If you are thinking about orthodontic treatment, you need to think about Invisalign! It’s the easiest, quickest way to straighten your smile. The dentists of Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, offer a wide range of dental care services, including Invisalign, to give you a straight smile.

No matter what your age, Invisalign will work for you. It’s not just for teenagers because adults can benefit too. There are many reasons why you should consider Invisalign. Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits you will enjoy when you choose Invisalign:

It’s the discreet way to straighten your smile; Invisalign uses clear plastic appliances, known as aligners. When you wear the aligners, they are virtually invisible to people around you.

It’s the comfortable way to straighten your smile; Invisalign aligners are smooth plastic, with no sharp parts to irritate your gums, cheeks, or tongue.

It’s a convenient way to straighten your smile; you can remove the aligners to brush, floss, and enjoy eating the foods you love. No foods are off-limits with Invisalign!

Invisalign treatment is quick too! The average length of completion of treatment is between 9 and 15 months.

Treatment begins with your first set of aligners, which you wear for 2 weeks. Then you move on to a new set of aligners, which you also wear for 2 weeks. You continue moving to a new set of aligners every 2 weeks until your treatment is complete.

Invisalign is versatile enough to correct many of the same alignment and positioning issues as conventional brackets and wires. Invisalign is the perfect choice to correct:

  • An underbite or overbite
  • A crossbite or open bite
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Tooth overlap, crowding, and rotation

To find out more about the benefits of Invisalign and how it can help your smile, call the dentists of Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, at (908) 874-4555. Call today and start on your newly straight smile with Invisalign!

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February 16, 2021
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How your family dentists in Hillsborough, NJ, can take good care of your family’s smiles

If you have a family, you should have a family dentist. There are many reasons why having a family dentist is important. For one thing, it can make your life a whole lot easier!

The dentists of Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, offer comprehensive family dental care services to take good care of your family’s smiles. They are experts at providing dental care for all the members of your family.

These are just a few of the reasons why having a family dentist is important:

You can double up on appointments; multiple family members can be seen on the same day. This means less time spent away from work or school.

You can more easily budget your family’s dental care; your dentist can help you plan for your family’s dental needs, so there are no surprises. Your dentist can take care of small, inexpensive dental issues before they have a chance to grow into big, expensive dental problems.

You can have more peace of mind; you will know just where to go and whom to see if you or a family member has a dental emergency and needs dental care after-hours or on weekends. It’s a big stress reliever when you know you have access to care, right when you need it.

You can eliminate the need for going anywhere else to seek out care. Your family dentist is an expert at providing care to all members of your family, from toddlers to seniors. Your family dentist can also handle specialty dental care services like orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, root canal therapy, oral surgery, and periodontal therapy.

Having a family dentist is an important step in protecting your family’s healthcare. To find out more about what a family dentist can do for you and your family, call the dentists of Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, at (908) 874-4555. Call now!

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November 16, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
The smile you've been dreaming of can be made a reality. Perhaps you're short of your goal, with only an imperfection or two, or maybe it's a few dental issues that need to be corrected. Whatever the case, the professionals of Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, possess the experience and expertise to help guide you to your perfect smile.

Goals and Expectations

Whether your perfect smile is one from a magazine or just an improvement on your natural smile, the important first step toward it is a conversation. Sit and discuss with your cosmetic dentist about your wishes and expectations before deciding on a specific treatment. This way your doctor can suggest to you the best approach you two can take on your way to your smile makeover.
If all you want is for your teeth to be a few shades whiter, and brighter, you can achieve the best, and fastest results in your dentist's office with professional dental whitening than you would with over-the-counter treatments.
Problems with the shape of your teeth can be treated with the help of dental bonding. Your dentist uses a composite resin to bring back the natural look of teeth that have been cracked, chipped, that are worn down or are otherwise impacted.
For teeth that are misaligned, or to treat issues with your bite, Invisalign can help to discreetly correct your smile. They follow the same principle as traditional metal braces of slowly and gently adjusting your teeth into place.
Correcting a number of problems with one treatment is also possible thanks to veneers. These are thin caps that are bonded to your teeth.

Smile Makeovers in Hillsborough, NJ

There are many paths to your smile makeover and they all begin with a phone call. Make your appointment today with your Hillsborough, NJ, experts of Towne Centre Family Dental by dialing (908) 874-4555.

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