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November 16, 2020
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The smile you've been dreaming of can be made a reality. Perhaps you're short of your goal, with only an imperfection or two, or maybe it's a few dental issues that need to be corrected. Whatever the case, the professionals of Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, possess the experience and expertise to help guide you to your perfect smile.

Goals and Expectations

Whether your perfect smile is one from a magazine or just an improvement on your natural smile, the important first step toward it is a conversation. Sit and discuss with your cosmetic dentist about your wishes and expectations before deciding on a specific treatment. This way your doctor can suggest to you the best approach you two can take on your way to your smile makeover.
If all you want is for your teeth to be a few shades whiter, and brighter, you can achieve the best, and fastest results in your dentist's office with professional dental whitening than you would with over-the-counter treatments.
Problems with the shape of your teeth can be treated with the help of dental bonding. Your dentist uses a composite resin to bring back the natural look of teeth that have been cracked, chipped, that are worn down or are otherwise impacted.
For teeth that are misaligned, or to treat issues with your bite, Invisalign can help to discreetly correct your smile. They follow the same principle as traditional metal braces of slowly and gently adjusting your teeth into place.
Correcting a number of problems with one treatment is also possible thanks to veneers. These are thin caps that are bonded to your teeth.

Smile Makeovers in Hillsborough, NJ

There are many paths to your smile makeover and they all begin with a phone call. Make your appointment today with your Hillsborough, NJ, experts of Towne Centre Family Dental by dialing (908) 874-4555.
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August 10, 2020
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We can give you something to smile about!

Have questions about the different cosmetic treatments our Hillsborough NJ dentists have to offer? It’s natural to have questions, especially before saying “yes” to cosmetic dentistry. Here are the top treatments we offer:

  • Dental bonding and tooth reshaping: Two conservative treatments that allow us to either apply a tooth-colored resin to small chips or gaps between teeth to restore the tooth, or to shave off enamel from parts of a tooth to change its size or shape
  • Gum contouring: A treatment for those with “gummy smiles," our dentists can remove excess tissue to reveal more of your teeth
  • Professional teeth whitening (both in-office and at-home systems): Get teeth several shades whiter in just one hour with in-office whitening or turn to our dental professional for an individualized at-home whitening system that will provide you results when it’s convenient for you
  • Porcelain veneers: If you want a Hollywood smile then this restoration is right for you, as these thin tooth-colored shells are bonded to the front of your teeth to completely alter the overall shape, size, alignment, and color of your teeth
  • Dental implants: Replace one or more missing teeth with a restoration that acts, looks, and feels just like the real thing
  • Invisible braces: Straighten your smile with a set of completely transparent aligners that fit perfectly over your teeth so they are less visible when you talk and smile

Most Hillsborough cosmetic dentistry that our Hillsborough NJ dentist offers focus on ways to improve the overall appearance of one or more teeth. This may involve:

  • Removing yellowing stains
  • Covering deep discolorations
  • Buffing or covering chips and cracks in gaps
  • Filling or covering gaps between teeth
  • Lengthening teeth
  • Removing excess gum tissue for a more symmetrical smile
  • Improving the overall shape of one or more teeth
  • Making teeth appear straighter

If you are dealing with one or more of these issues, then chances are good that cosmetic dentistry can help you. Of course, you will need to come in for a consultation with our dental team before we can determine which cosmetic treatment will best fit your needs. Some factors that our dental team will need to consider to determine whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you, include:

  • The health of your teeth and gums
  • Your home care routine (aka how well you care for your teeth)
  • Your lifestyle and habits
  • Your dedication to caring for your new restorations
  • Your budget

If you are ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted with the help of cosmetic dentistry then call our Hillsborough NJ dental team at (908) 874-4555 to schedule a consultation. Trust in the smile experts at Towne Centre Family Dental.

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May 11, 2020
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Have questions about what it’s like to get Invisalign treatment? We have the answers.

Maybe you’re interested in getting Invisalign from our Hillsborough, NJ, dental team but chances are good that you have questions first (it’s natural for anyone to have questions before undergoing dental treatment of any kind). So, we have compiled some of the top questions about Invisalign so that you understand more about this treatment before your consultation.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a unique approach to orthodontic treatment that uses a set of clear aligners that fit over your upper and lower teeth instead of the traditional bracket-and-wire system. These aligners are custom-made and look similar to whitening trays or traditional mouthguards.

How does Invisalign work?

Before getting your aligners there are a few steps that you will need to go through. First, our Hillsborough, NJ, dentist will require a thorough Invisalign consultation that includes examining your mouth and taking x-rays to make sure that you’re an ideal candidate.

From there, we will take digital photos of your mouth and use special computer software to map out which teeth need to shift around in order to achieve your perfect smile. All of this information is then sent to an Invisalign dental lab where they will make your very own set of aligners.

What problems does Invisalign treat?

Invisalign can handle a wide range of dental problems including,

  • Crowding
  • Spacing or gaps between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Slightly crooked or protruding teeth

How long do I need to wear my aligners?

How long you wear each aligner will depend on your own personal situation and case; however, most aligners are worn anywhere from 7-14 days before being replaced with the next set in the series. While you can certainly take your aligners out when you need to, it’s important to wear them as much as possible (for 20-22 hours each day).

When should I take my aligners out?

The beauty of Invisalign is that you can remove your aligners when you need to. Yes, you should wear them as much as possible if you want to see results quickly; however, you can and should remove your aligners when you are brushing or flossing, or whenever you are eating or drinking (you can still wear your aligners when drinking water).

Am I a good candidate for Invisalign?

Most older teens and adults whose teeth have stopped growing can be ideal candidates for Invisalign. One way to determine whether you are an ideal candidate is to take this free online smile assessment with Invisalign. Chances are good that if your smile is uneven or misaligned that Invisalign can help.

If you are interested in getting a straighter smile with Invisalign then call Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, at (908) 874-4555 to schedule a consultation.

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February 24, 2020
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Implants offer some unique smile advantages. Find out what they are.

Wondering if this popular tooth replacement option can meet your smile needs? Whether you are missing one or all of your teeth, you may be surprised to hear that most healthy adults can benefit from dental implants. Our Hillsborough, NJ, dentists pride themselves on offering the very best when it comes to tooth restorations of all kinds. Wondering how dental implants can improve your oral health? Here’s how,

Prevent Bone Loss

One of the major complications of tooth loss is bone loss, which can occur in as little as one year after a tooth falls out. The only tooth replacement that can actually prevent jawbone deterioration is a dental implant because it acts just like real tooth roots, providing the jawbone with the stimulation it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Fill Gaps and Prevent Teeth from Shifting

If you don’t fill gaps in your smile with an artificial tooth the rest of your natural teeth will begin to compensate by moving into these gaps. As you might imagine, this can lead to further misalignments. By placing an implant not long after a tooth extraction we can prevent the rest of your teeth from moving out of alignment.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again

Dental implants provide you with nearly the same amount of chewing power that natural teeth do. Plus, since implants naturally fused together with the jawbone they don’t move or shift around. This means that you can comfortably eat whatever foods you want and treat your implant just like the rest of your natural teeth.

They Can Last Decades

Implants are made from titanium, a very durable metal. Once the implant is placed into the jawbone it fuses together with the bone to become one. This is what allows the implant to stimulate the jawbone in the same way as real tooth roots. Once this integration occurs, the implant can last decades or even the rest of a patient’s life. It's important that you maintain good oral hygiene to maintain the health of the implant.

Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, is ready to give you something to smile about again. Call our office at (908) 874-4555 and let us know that you’re interested in talking with us about dental implants.

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January 27, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Find out how our dental team can give you the perfect smile right here in Hillsborough, NJ.

There are so many health benefits associated with smiling. Not to mention that people who have beautiful smiles were seen as more attractive, successful and even younger. So, if you don’t have a smile that you feel confident showing off, our Hillsborough, NJ, dentists can certainly help you get there with these popular cosmetic dentistry options:

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a non-invasive cosmetic technique that involves applying a tooth-colored resin to the edges of a tooth that is cracked or chipped. It can also be used to cover a discoloration or to close small spaces between teeth. Bonding can also make worn teeth appear longer. It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete the bonding procedure and if it’s used for purely cosmetic reasons then anesthesia will not be necessary. In fact, bonding is one of the most cost-effective and least invasive cosmetic dental treatment you can get.

Cosmetic Contouring

Contouring is another simple technique that is used to reshape teeth. Like bonding, contouring is designed to fix minor imperfections such as tiny chips, slightly overlapping teeth and excessively sharp teeth. Contouring involves shaving off small amounts of tooth enamel to reshape the tooth and buff away certain defects. Contouring may also be combined with bonding to improve the shape or size of your teeth.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin, custom-made porcelain or ceramic shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth to cover a wide range of cosmetic problems. This includes everything from discolorations and chips to slightly crooked teeth or gaps between teeth. Veneers are a great option for widespread dental issues, altering the overall shape, size, color, and alignment of one or more teeth. Once veneers are bonded they can last about 10 years before needing to be replaced.

Teeth Whitening

Many people turn to our Hillsborough, NJ, cosmetic dentists for teeth whitening. That is because this simple in-office procedure could get your teeth several shades whiter in about one hour. The whitening gel applied to teeth contains a very high percentage of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which means that it doesn’t need to remain on teeth for a very long time to be able to break up stains and brighten teeth.

Are you ready to give yourself the smile makeover you deserve? Have questions about the different cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer? If so, call Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough, NJ, today at (908) 874-4555 to schedule a no-risk cosmetic consultation with us.

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