A Second Chance for Your Lost Tooth

How dental implants can enhance your smile.

Are you missing one or more teeth and you’re wondering how to replace them? Should you choose a dental bridge, or removable partialdental implants or denture? These are the conventional options to replace your missing teeth, but you deserve better! Dental implants are the most modern, high-tech treatment to replace your lost teeth and give your smile a second chance. It’s time to call your dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. They can give you a new smile with dental implants.

There are many reasons why dental implants are a better choice than bridges, partials or dentures. Your dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental want to help you know the facts. When you decide on dental implants, you’ve made a great choice because dental implants are:

  • Very natural looking, just like your real teeth
  • Very permanent, because your implants become a part of your smile
  • Very convenient, because you don’t ever have to remove them
  • Highly successful, with a success rate over 95 percent

Dental implants are also a conservative dental treatment. Unlike bridgework, your dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental don’t have to treat the teeth around the implant.

Dental implants can also help preserve the youthful contours of your face by preserving the bone in your jaw, giving you a firm jawline. Your dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental can often place dental implants in one visit, depending on the type of implant. During your consultation appointment, they can help you decide which implant might be best for you and the great results you can expect.

So isn’t it time to give your lost tooth a second chance with dental implants? You deserve a great smile and with dental implants you can have it. It’s time to call your dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey and find out more about dental implants. Call today and get ready for your great smile!

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