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May 14, 2021
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Would you like to improve the appearance of unattractive teeth or repair a damaged tooth? Dental crowns, one of the dental services and treatments provided by your Hillsborough, NJ, family dentists at Towne Centre Family Dental, may be the perfect option for you.

Crown basics

Dental crowns, also called caps, are placed over the tops of teeth and become a permanent part of your smile. Your first crown visit in the Hillsborough, NJ, dental office includes an impression of your mouth and the reduction of your tooth. Decreasing the size of your tooth ensures that your new crown fits perfectly. After your tooth is reduced in size, you'll wear a temporary crown until the dental laboratory completes your new crown.

Crowns protect fragile teeth

Your dentist may recommend a crown if your tooth has become weaker due to a crack, aging, or a dental procedure. Crowns strengthen fragile teeth and absorb strong biting forces that could cause breaks in an unprotected tooth.

Have a broken tooth? A crown will restore its appearance and function

If your tooth has already broken or fractured, a crown will repair it. Crowns not only improve the way your tooth looks, but restore the biting and chewing surfaces, and end the pain that can occur when the broken edges of teeth are exposed to the air.

Crowns improve tooth appearance

When an appearance issue is a problem with your smile, a crown may offer the perfect solution. Do you have a discolored tooth? Although teeth whitening can be a solution for some types of tooth stains, whitening gel only penetrates your tooth enamel. If the stain or discoloration originates in the deeper layers of the tooth, a crown will be needed. Crowns can also lengthen short teeth or change the shape of crooked, twisted, or pointed teeth.

Crowns also replace missing teeth

If you've lost one or two teeth, your dentist may recommend filling the gap with a dental bridge. Bridges are made up of artificial teeth connected to dental crowns. Crowns are also used with dental implants. Titanium posts called implants bond to your jawbone and are connected to dental crowns.

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