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This section of our Web site will provide our patients with information they can use before and after their treatment. Right now, if you have a dental emergency or oral concern, review our suggestions and then call us at 908-874-4555. After hours emergency phone numbers are available on our phone system.

When Dental Emergencies and other oral problems occur...
Smiling, kissing, and eating... These are some of the wonderful things for which we need our mouths and teeth! Of course, keeping our mouths and teeth clean and healthy is a major concern, but emergencies can arise. Here are some first aid tips to use before you can get some relief from your DENTIST!

Hopefully this won't ever happen to you, but if it does follow these tips:

  1. Call your dentist as soon as possible for an appointment.
  2. Apply oil of cloves to the affected tooth. You can ask you pharmacist for this.
  3. Apply ice to the affected area.
  4. Take aspirin or an aspirin substitute to ease the pain.

The best treatment is to let your dentist help you right away. Teeth don't heal themselves. Sometimes a person will have a toothache for 2-3 days and it will "go-away". Don't be fooled! The problem is still there. Remember seeing your dentist early can prevent pain, expense and maybe tooth loss!

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See your dentist as soon as you can. Why? The soft inner part of the tooth exposed when a filling is lost can decay quickly! If you can't see a dentist right away, be sure to keep the tooth super clean. If pain should develop, try some aspirin or an aspirin substitute until you see your dentist.

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Most often, a broken tooth is a result of a blow to the face or from chomping on especially hard foods. If you happen to break a tooth, don't panic! See a dentist as soon as possible and if the tooth hurts, take some aspirin or an aspirin substitute. Hot or cold foods and drinks can aggravate the tooth so do avoid them. A broken tooth can be scary and even embarrassing! Get to a dentist quickly.

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Swelling can mean many things. Usually, it means a nasty infection. Immediate professional attention is very important. Call your dentist right away!

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Your dentist can usually relieve the cause of irritation quite easily. Adjustments after fitting dentures are very common! Until then, a little Ora-base applied to the spot will serve as a bandage if the area is really sore. If your dentures are old and loose, for your sake, don't try to reline them yourself or use denture adhesives. This can make matters worse, so see your dentist for any denture problem!

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First, check the crown or bridge to see if it's in one piece. If it is, place a thin coat of petroleum jelly inside the crown or bridge. Then, carefully press it back in place. It is important to keep the teeth in their proper position by replacing the crown or bridge immediately. Do not chew on the replaced crown or bridges as it may come off again. This is only a temporary solution. Be sure to call your dentist as soon as you can to have the crown or bridge examined and re-cemented.

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This pain is often related to your teeth. If you are bothered by jaw joint pain, try these temporary solutions:

  1. Eat soft foods.
  2. Use warm, moist towels over the joint area.
  3. Take aspirin or an aspirin substitute for pain.
  4. Avoid talking, chewing and clenching as much as possible!

Be sure to call your dentist for attention. This type of pain requires treatment, which should not be delayed. These symptoms can worsen.

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If this should happen to you, place a ball of wax over the broken and/or jagged wires to prevent stabbing the inside of your mouth. Your pharmacist often has this type of wax for these types of emergencies. Call you orthodontist for immediate assistance.

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Cold sores are symptoms of a virus and can be awfully painful. As with any virus, these sores run their course in about 7 to 10 days. If these sores appear on or about your lips, keep them moist with some petroleum jelly. Your dentist will be able to help with a new prescription drug especially for these sores. If the sores aren't gone within 7 to 10 days, or worsen, call your dentist!

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Teething can be a difficult time for babies and mommies! If your child seems to be uncomfortable, apply some Ora-jel to the area where the tooth is erupting. This gel is pleasantly flavored and can be applied directly to the problem area. Time cures this problem, so be patient!

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First, find the tooth. Immediately after, call your dentist. Then wrap the tooth in clean wet gauze. It's important not to clean the tooth. Cleaning can damage the attachments on the tooth. Success is greatest if you see your dentist within thirty minutes after the accident. The longer you wait, the less possibility of success! Get to your dentist quickly!

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Dangers of Removable Dentures.Removable dentures have been around for a long time. Perhaps your grandparents had them — maybe their grandparents did too. George Washington owned several sets, and they seemed to work OK… and millions of Americans are wearing full or partial sets today. Is there a reason why you shouldn't wear dentures?

Yes… but first, a little background. At one time, dentures were the only answer to the problem of complete or partial edentulism (the loss of natural teeth). Today there's a better answer: Dental Implants. But before we look at implants, let's examine removable dentures in a little more detail.

A Closer Inspection

Dentures are certainly a time-tested technology that many people have learned to live with. Their initial purchase price is relatively inexpensive, and after a period of adjustment, many find they function adequately. But just as dentures themselves are familiar, so are the difficulties that denture wearers experience.

Removable dentures frequently require special cleaning, and they can build up unpleasant tastes and odors. Because they aren't always reliable during use, it's common for dentures to lead to a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. Often, they don't allow you to eat the foods you really like. Also, dentures invariably need to be re-fitted and re-made over time. While the first two sets of problems may be enough to turn you away from dentures, it's the last two that give reasons to be concerned about your health.

Health Concerns

Dangers of Dentures.In recent years, the importance of proper nutrition has received plenty of well-deserved attention. Here's something to note: Wearing dentures can be detrimental to good nutrition. Studies have shown that half of all denture wearers avoid many “difficult” foods (like raw fruits and vegetables, which have proven health benefits), while 29% can eat only soft or mashed items, which are often “processed” or “junk” foods. In fact, 17% say they eat more efficiently without their dentures!

For many older Americans, eating healthier is a major goal; it has been recognized as a great way to prevent disease and improve overall wellness. Dentures can make it harder to achieve that goal. They also create their own problems, which are related to bone loss.

When you lose teeth, the bone tissue in the jaw, which formerly surrounded them, inevitably begins to deteriorate. It rapidly loses volume, becoming narrower and shallower — and as it does so, the appearance of the face changes too. The decreased distance between chin and nose, and the frowning countenance caused by a loss of support for the cheeks and lips, makes a person look aged and unhappy… even if they're not (View Example).

Dentures don't stop the loss of bone; in fact, they accelerate it. By placing pressure directly on the bone's surface, rather than into the bone structure beneath it, they actually speed up this destructive process. The reason dentures need to be re-lined or re-made is because bone loss is changing the contours of the jaw. And the consequences of wearing dentures aren't just skin deep: Thinner bones are more prone to fracture, and other associated oral health issues (such as TMJ problems) may become a concern.

A Better Alternative

Replacing all teeth with dental implants.Today, there's a better alternative to dentures: dental implants. Because the remarkable technology of implants allows them to fuse with living bone tissue in the jaw, they provide the stimulus needed to keep the bone from eroding. In turn, because they're anchored so solidly, they function much better than dentures: You can eat any of your favorite foods, or try something new — the same way you would with your natural teeth.

The dental implant procedure has a success rate of over 95 percent. Implants require no special care beyond normal brushing and flossing; they won't decay or stain, and they're designed to last a lifetime. While their initial cost is usually higher, implants offer something dentures don't — long-term value. And the enjoyment and self-confidence many people regain with dental implants is something you can't put a price on.

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